Leeds Castle Party

Dear Anna, Jason and the wonderful Sensation Band. I don’t know why I was ever worried – there are not enough adjectives to describe how brilliant the performance was from the band and the musical direction from Jason was first class.
Everybody without exception has commented on how brilliant the performances were from the band – I have never seen a dance floor fill so quickly. To please everyone when I had over 160 guests speaks for itself. It is some achievement when the 20 year old party goers are saying best party they have ever been to as well as the elder generation. You were worth absolutely every penny – this was a real extravagance for me but I don’t regret it one bit as you turned a good night into a truely magical, never to be forgotten night. I’m still getting messages of thanks from families and friends because they had such a good time and couldn’t quite believe it was a live band playing at times as they were that good! I think a few of us lost a few pound dancing so much.

My biggest disappointment now is that the night is over and I won’t get to hold another “50th” however being in a fairly new relationship you never know what else I might get to plan in the future!! ? Here’s hoping!

With best wishes


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