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Jewish Wedding Planner

5 Best Things about Jewish Wedding Planners

If you are planning a Jewish Wedding you may not realise that using a planner can save you money, time and give you the wedding you want. A good planner doesn’t take over, they make your vision happen easily and within budget.


1. It Saves Money

There is a common misconception that it costs more to use a Wedding Planner. Our experience is that this certainly isn’t the case. Using experience and industry knowledge a good wedding planner will be able to negotiate better rates for Wedding Venues, Kosher Caterers, Wedding Photographers, Wedding Videographers, Wedding Florists and many other of the other keys suppliers. This is because a good planner will have a shortlist of tried and tested suppliers that they use regularly, so will be able to negotiate discounts on your behalf.

2. Saves Hours of Time

One of the greatest things about a Wedding Planner is that they will be able to save you so much time. Take Venue Searching for example. Having working knowledge of all the local venues means the planner can send you a personalised shortlist taking into account your budget, guest numbers, kosher catering options and of course your personal taste. Doing that sort of thing yourself is a daunting task with the number of options available, and it can take forever to get in touch with the right person for availability and pricing information. A good planner will do all of that behind the scenes and arrange site visits with the right venue managers for your preferred choices.

3. Maximise the Budget

Weddings can get expensive. A good planner will help you work within your budget, and perhaps even ensure that your budget is realistic in the first place for what you are trying to do. It’s easy to spend money on the wrong things, but a planner will make sure that doesn’t happen, by making sure that you spend the right money in the right places, and not wasting any of your budget.

4. Save on Stress

Planning a wedding can be very stressful and emotionally charged. There can be 2 sets of parents with competing demands and you need to keep everyone happy. If one side is paying more than the other it can make an imbalance in decision making, which can cause also problems. A good wedding planners will act as a buffer and make sure everyone is kept happy and really enjoys what can and should be a really fun, exciting process.

5. It’s All In the Detail

Then there are the number of different things that need considering for the day, each one requiring research, and decision making. Wedding planners do this for a living, so all this stuff is second nature to them. Being super organised and having exhaustive checklists is all part of the job.


We have experience working with all the best planners in the UK and throughout the world. For a recommendation of the best Jewish Wedding planner, just pick up the phone and we’ll be happy to help!