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bar mitzvah entertainment

We offer a range of totally incredible and exciting cutting edge entertainment for Barmitzvahs. These include big name DJs with residencies at the worlds best nightclubs. DJ Live – which is DJ’s plus musicians, and of course our incredible live band. With a totally up to date setlist, you can be sure that your bar or batmitzvah will be unforgettable.

What’s great about a talented and crowd warming klezmer band is not only its own unique arrangements of classic Jewish Eastern European and Israeli music. They can also add that extra sparkle to any bar mitzvah celebration – especially when they have youngsters who can play instruments or are great dancers to join them in their performance.

Such a versatile ensemble can provide a fantastic soundtrack to the bar mitzvah entertainment celebration. They get everyone of all ages dancing the Hora, maybe have a dance instructor on hand, and of course always a hit with the teens, a DJ. For those children who play musical instruments, and in true Jewish community family spirit, a band could well organise rehearsals prior to the event and create arrangements tailored to the youngster’s skills level with their chosen instrument.

Modern bar mitzvah entertainment

Bar mitzvah entertainment these days often has a theme. One of the newer trends is that the kids are requesting, and dancing, to adult music – like classic rock and disco. Most likely due to music features on the Internet like YouTube and TV shows such as The X-Factor and American Idol, adolescents like to play games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Adults also get in on the act and have been requesting and dancing to the current hits as part of the bar mitzvah entertainment line up.

In a way this combination has helped integrate the dance floor, rather than alternating kid sets and adult sets throughout the event. Another trend in bar mitzvah entertainment is adding live musicians and vocalists to perform with the DJ. Plasma screens can be used to display the montage, live footage from the dance floor, and spontaneous digital photos of the guests as the party is in progress. Break dancing and hip-hop have also become popular with youngsters on the dance floor. It can get very competitive and a few young egos can get bruised!

The themed party

But the core aspect of a successful themed party is the right music band. It gels the whole atmosphere and makes for some superb bar mitzvah entertainment. Providing high-energy Simcha sets worked in with themed bar mitzvah entertainment on the dance floor is always five-star serviced by London’s SensationBand. The truly versatile musicians and singers in SensationBand are ever popular with the Barmitzvah and Batmitzvahs crowd in the capital, playing all the favourites among the modern Jewish community.

Fresh look and feel in performance – SensationBand

The young, fresh look and feel of the band has a huge appeal and SensationBand’s Simcha sets really hype up traditional Israeli dancing, so much an important part of bar mitzvah entertainment for all guests. In searching for the right band for the bar mitzvah you’re planning in the capital, go online and Google ‘bar mitzvah entertainment London’ and you’ll find SensationBand high in the listings produced.